Best Baseball Hitting Aids for Kids 2017: Comparison Chart & Reviews

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Are you a parent that wants to find the best baseball hitting aids for your kids to use at home?

Do you want your kids to be able to practice batting at home and get a better swing?
SKLZ Hit-A-Way Portable Baseball Trainer for Players

Do your kids want to be better baseball players and IN turn unleash the “Beast”?!

If you’re a father of a kid who loves to play baseball you’ll know how demanding the game is in terms of practice.  If your kid plays 2-3 games a week they will probably go to bat between 4 and 9 times a week.  This makes practice the fundamental key to their success.  But with so many hitting aids on the market, how do you know which one to choose for your kid?

In this review we’ll look at the 10 best Baseball Hitting Aids for kids currently on the market.  We will look at the different types of hitting aids available, and discuss the top benefits of using one.  In addition to this, we’ll give you some information about what to look for before purchasing a baseball hitting aid.  By the end of this review, you’ll know which baseball hitting aid is right for your kids and have all the information you need to make an informed purchase.

Best Baseball Hitting Aids for Kids 2017

Here is our comparison chart of the 10 best baseball hitting aids for kids currently on the market. If you want the full review of each product, click here.

Benefits of Baseball

baseball hitting aids
Baseball is an institution in itself and so many kids are taking to it at a young age.  There are many benefits for our kids from this sport including cardiovascular training (strengthening of the heart and improving lung capacity), hand-eye co-ordination (from pitching the ball and battling), strengthened arms and legs, stress relief (development of mental focus and concentration), being outside (a natural source of vitamin D) and sharpening of the mind through split-second decision-making.

General Thoughts on Baseball Hitting Aids

baseball hitting aids
There are many devices and gadgets on the market to help a young athlete improve their swing in baseball.  Five common training devices to improve bat speed and hitting accuracy are;

  • Batting tees – these allow players of all ages to practice without a pitcher as the ball rests on the tee and your kid can take a swing at it.
  • target=”_blank”>Soft toss machines – these toss slow balls from a short distance or blast fast balls from a greater distance. Balls are pitched differently each time helping kids to develop their batting skills.
  • Light/heavy bats – weights (known as ‘donuts’) can be added to bats to increase batting speed, or kids can train with a lighter bat for increased batting power.
  • Hitting nets – hitting balls into a net eliminates the need to chase balls and allows kids to practice in a smaller area. If you place targets on the net, your kid gets instant feedback about where his ball went.
  • Swing speed radar device – these types of devices let you see before-and-after bat swing-speed changes after a technique change. They’re available in traditional, hand-held radar guns, devices you can put on the ground near the batter, or gadgets that look like cell phones you can hold in your hand while recording bat swing speeds.

If you make the right choice, a baseball hitting aid can change your kids game completely.

Types of Baseball Hitting Aids for Kids

baseball hitting aids
There are many different types of baseball hitting aids for kids currently on the market, all with different features but all with one aim; to make your kids better players and realise their full potential.  Here are some of the different types available:

  • Batting and fielding trainers – these are multi-use trainers to develop your kids batting and fielding skills
  • Weighted hitting and batting training balls – these aids build strength while honing your kids batting skills
  • Speed and Power Training Bats – this type of aid develops your kids batting muscles and proper swing mechanics
  • Swing Analyzer – this type of aid allows your kids to record, review, analyse and replay their swing so they can identify any weaknesses and work on technique
  • Hitting Trainer – these trainers help your kids perfect their swing with repetition and instant feedback
  • Solo Batting Trainer – these adjustable training tools help your kids develops better mechanics and focused repetition training
  • Target Swing Trainer – these aids will help your kids increase power, develop swing mechanics and improve confidence at bat

Before you decide which hitting aid to buy, consider what your kid most needs to work on; is it swing mechanics, strength building, grip or technique?  Whatever it is, you’re sure to find a suitable hitting aid.

Top benefits of using Baseball Hitting Aids

baseball hitting aids
Baseball hitting aids provide many benefits to youth players, and to dad’s who might not be free as often as they would like to help their kids train.  Here are some of the main benefits:

  • Time – a baseball hitting aid will allow your kids to practice at home as much as they like, and as often as they want/need to.
  • Independence – some baseball hitting aids will allow your kids to practice alone without being dependant on anyone else which is great if you’re busy at work and can’t be there to help them practice.
  • Build strength/Muscle memory – Baseball hitting aids can help your kids develop specific batting muscles for increased power at bat.  Because the baseball swing is so complex a hitting aid can take a major variable out of the process, leaving your kids better able to focus on the mechanics and creating positive muscle memory.
  • Batting Stance – hitting aids will allow your kids to develop better stance mechanics, they can do lots of batting drills to focus on certain parts of their swing and hitting which can then translate into game situations.
  • Swing Mechanics – a hitting aid can help your kids develop better swing mechanics through practice and repetition.
  • Confidence – the ability to practice at home, whenever they want, will improve your kid’s confidence at bat and you should both see the results when they get out on the field for games.
  • Hand-eye co-ordination – another benefit to your kids using a baseball hitting aid is improved hand-eye co-ordination which is fundamental to baseball.
  • Repetition – we all know that practice makes perfect and the repetition of using hitting aids will allow your kids to perfect their batting abilities through constant practice.
  • Space – with a hitting aid your kids can take a lot of swings in a confined space; if you get your kids a good batting tee, it will be portable and won’t take up much space so they can use it in your garage, in your backyard and on the field.

What to Look for before buying your Baseball Hitting Aids for Kids

There are a number of features to keep an eye on when you’re shopping for a baseball hitting aid for kids:

  • Weight – how heavy or light is the hitting aid? If it’s a bat a weighted bat, or a light bat, can enhance batting speed, but you don’t want a bat that is too heavy for your kid to swing so get them to hold it and test it out before you buy one.
  • Size – is it height adjustable so your kid can practice hitting balls at different levels? How big is the actual product in terms of your practice space?  Can it be used indoors in a garage?
  • Price – how much does the hitting aid cost? There are some great low-cost training aids on the market so you don’t need to spend a huge amount of money.  There are also high-end sophisticated products that you can spend hundreds of dollars on.  So keep in mind your kids needs and assess the cost before you buy.
  • Type – what type of hitting aid is it (see various types mentioned earlier) and is this the best fit for your kids needs? Consider what areas of their technique they need to work on and which type of aid will help them unleash the “beast!”
  • Portability – is it portable, can it be used anywhere? Some hitting aids can be used indoors and outdoors so your kid can practice in the garage or in the backyard.
  • Other usage – can the hitting aid be used for anything else ie: fielding practice, or other sports such as Softball?

The ‘Beast Awards’ – Our Best Baseball Hitting Aids for Kids of 2017

Let’s check out our favourite hitting aids – the best models available for purchase today.

SKLZ Target Swing Trainer: Baseball Batting Training Aid

baseball hitting aids
The SKLZ Target Swing softball and baseball trainer is the perfect tool to help your young hitters take their game to the next level.  It allows both right and left handed batters to strengthen their stance, track their power, and focus on their hand-eye coordination improving their overall swing mechanics.  With the ability to simulate hitting high, low, inside, or outside pitches this hitting aid will build confidence before your kids step up to bat.

The benefits of the SKLZ Target swing are increased batting power and improved confidence at bat.  It’s ability to simulate a variety of pitches makes it ideal for one-on-one coaching.

A nice feature to this hitting aid is its horizontal hitter design which gives automatic feedback on each swing allowing your kids to identify any issues in their swing and correct them on the spot. This is a durable baseball aid which can be used in multiple positions for numerous drills.

In terms of comfort the SKLZ Target Swing Trainer has a comfortable grip handle and 2 ball options (white and yellow) making it easy to use.  As for size, this sturdy hitting aid is available in adult or youth models with lengths of 63” (adults), 54” and 58” (youths) – at 54″ and 58” its long enough to keep the holder at a safe distance but short enough that it can easily be held steady.  Weighing in at 1.8ibs this is a lightweight, portable hitting aid that can be used just about anywhere giving your kids freedom and flexibility in their practice.

In terms of price, the SKLZ Target Swing Trainer comes in as one of the lowest in this review making it an excellent piece of equipment to add to any baseball training program.

In summary, this is a simple learning tool that effectively builds confidence and focus.  If you want your kids to build muscle memory, control their power and develop their overall hitting technique then this training tool is for you.


baseball hitting aids


SKLZ Zip-N-Hit Baseball Trainer

baseball hitting aidsThe SKLZ Zip-N-Hit Baseball Trainer is a batting trainer that throws curveballs, sliders, fastballs and changeups allowing your kids to really develop their swing mechanics. It allows your kids to get batting practice with all types of pitches, without needing a pitcher.

2 of its main benefits are feedback and timing.  After practice, your kid can see their swing mistakes by the way the cords vibrate or the way the ball comes off the bat which is great for hitting instruction and feedback.  As for timing, it’s hard for the batter to determine what speed is coming before the ball starts moving so this trainer will help develop their batting abilities.

A great feature to this hitting aid is its versatility to act like a portable batting cage or a pitching machine allowing batters to improve their baseball swing almost anywhere.  This portable Zip-N-Hit Baseball Trainer can be used at home or at team practice thanks to its attachment clip and strap which allows your kids to take it with them.  It weighs in at 2.5ibs which is nice and light and measures 19”.

In terms of price, this is one of the lowest priced aids in our review and for its versatility that makes it a real bargain.  In summary, if you want your kids to practice hitting pitches of different speeds and movement, and to have fun while developing confidence and power, then this is the hitting aid for you.


baseball hitting aids

SKLZ Hurricane Swing Trainer for Baseball and Softball – Category 4 Solo Batting Trainer

baseball hitting aidsThe SKLZ Hurricane is a tee baller’s best friend.  It will help your kids improve their bat speed and power while focusing on consistent contact and generating bat speed.   It can be used stationary or like a moving target and the multi-twist design provides immediate feedback on your kids swing.

This training aid will let your kid hit away for hours without having to chase balls around the yard; there is no need for a net or a bucket of balls, and once it’s set up, you can leave it up.  They can practice solo too if you don’t have the time to join them.

A unique feature of this trainer is it’s 4 power bands for resistance which allow you to increase or decrease tension, teaching your kids to drive through the pitch instead of pulling off with an incomplete swing.  Its high visibility impact head gives kids a prominent target to focus on and react to, improving eye contact and helping your kid become a better hitter.

The benefits of this training aid are better mechanics, focused repetition training, and automatic feedback response.  The feedback on this batting trainer is a great feature.  Your kid will get an accurate assessment of their swing by how far the arm goes around and if it is wobbling or not.  The path that the arm takes, after hitting the ball, gives feedback on whether they are squaring the ball up or not.

This is a rugged, heavy duty, device with non-slip 4-foot base for indoor and outdoor use.  It is height adjustable for different pitch types (low, high, regular etc) and the cable resistance is changeable to suit your kid’s preference to let the ball spin back for speed or slow for contact.  It’s one of the priciest training aids in this review but if money isn’t a concern it’s definitely worth considering.

If your kids need to work on contact skills and batting mechanics, and you can’t always be there to help them, then this is the training aid for you.



SKLZ Hit-A-Way

The SKLZ Hit-A-Way is a durable trainer designed to help your kids improve pacing, timing and confidence through better swing mechanics and hand-eye co-ordination.  Your kid can get up to 500 swings per hour without ever chasing a ball. The new, improved design in webbing and cords gives cleaner hits and greater durability.  It easily attaches to a pole, a post, or a tree up to 4″ in diameter.  It’s great for right and left-handed batters and switch-hitting practice.

The benefits of the SKLZ Hit-A-Way are improved batting through increased batting power, pacing, timing, and confidence and simulation of real pitches via its twist back design.  This training hit-a-way baseball swing can help your kids improve their skill at hitting the baseball with a more consistent, and powerful impact, getting their bat through the zone faster.  If you take the time to understand what this does, it will teach your kid how to hit the ball harder and have a bigger pop.

In terms of size, this trainer takes up no space at all.  Your kids can set this up themselves and train independently.  It’s also one of the cheapest trainers in this review.  If you’re looking for a solo trainer that will help your kids improve their batting and swing mechanics then this is a good trainer for you.



Insider Bat

The Insider Bat is a lightweight, portable training tool that promotes proper grip, hand placement and proper swing path before, during and after contact is made.  It is a ‘muscle memory’ training tool manufactured from aircraft grade aluminium and stainless steel making it a slick training tool.

What’s great about this training aid is its emphasis on positioning.  Not only does it emphasize palm up/palm down hand positioning before, during and after contact with the ball, but it promotes proper grip of the bat, proper hip rotation during their swing, and tucking of the back elbow into slow.  It forces your kid’s hands in front of the bat head during their swing, training them not to roll their wrists or cast before or during contact with ball.  It gives instant feedback for the batter and the coach.

Weighing in at only 1ib this is as light as they come and can be used anywhere, anytime; indoors or outdoors.  It’s available in 2 sizes 06 (Ages 12 & Under) & 07 (Ages 12 & Up).  In terms of price this one is mid-range.
The Insider Bat is a great tool to improve a young player’s swing; it’s great for pre-game drills or as an on-deck reinforcement tool.  If positioning is what your kid most needs to work on, then this is definitely the right training aid for you.



SwingAway MVP Hitting Trainer

The SwingAway MVP hitting trainer is designed for home training use and batting practice in a small space; it’s perfect for the basement, garage or on the deck.  Designed to allow hitters to get up to 100 swings in just 10 minutes, coupled with the ability to place the ball anywhere in the strike zone, this becomes the most effective hitting trainer on the market.

The many benefits of this hitting trainer are developing bat speed, power, hand speed, confidence, and increased exit velocity.  It provides the feel of hitting live pitches without chasing or picking up balls, and ensures a perfect swing with repetition and instant feedback both visually and by feel.

The SwingAway MVP Hitting Trainer includes the patented Hitting Training Mat which teaches proper contact points to hit inside, outside and down the middle pitch locations.  It promotes quick and powerful hands inside and to the ball, eliminating a long casting wing and other swing flaws.

In terms of construction it is very durable with its sturdy frame.  The bungees are strong and you really have to hit it hard for the ball to hit the net.  If your kids have a bad swing they’ll hit the bungees instead of the ball so a good swing will be rewarded.

This trainer is towards the higher end of the price scale but you’ll never have to pick up baseballs like you would with tees or batting cages.

If your kids needs to work on their swing mechanics, build confidence at the plate and become better hitters then the SwingAway is a good option for you.



Zepp 3D Baseball Swing Analyzer

The Zepp 3D Baseball Swing Analyzer is a great gadget that will assess and analyse your kids performance tracking everything from swing place, bat speed, hand speed, attack angle, verticle angle of bat, and time to impact.  It records and analyzes your kids swing in HD video and then replays and reviews your swing in 360° from any angle.

It contains a wealth of Pro video swing analysis, training tips and drills, and includes Zepp sensor, bat mount and apps for iPhone, iPad and Android.  It easily attaches to any baseball or softball bat and wirelessly sends data to your smartphone or tablet after every swing.  This device also works for golf and tennis too so if your kids are into those sports it can help there too.

Technology is the unique feature of this training aid.  The Zepp 3D Baseball Swing Analyzer allows your kids to track, analyse and improve their performance without the help of a coach.  They can get instant feedback and measure the most critical aspects of each and every swing.  If they take at least 30 swings a week, Zepp Insights will send a detailed report on where they excelled, along with videos to help improve their weaknesses.

Through the training centre, your kids can watch detailed swing analysis videos, training tips, access drills designed by the best coaches in baseball, set goals and practice with purpose using instant swing data to track their improvement over time.  There is an entire library of instructional content including over 60 how-to videos, proven tips and drills, fun challenges, and practice plans.

If you’re looking for analysis, wanting advanced metrics that you can’t get elsewhere, and real time data then this is the gadget for you.  It’s great technology at an affordable price.



SKLZ Baseball Speed and Power Training Bats

The SKLZ Power Stick is a great baseball hitting aid at a low price.  This heavy bat builds proper swing mechanics while it’s narrow barrel design (designed for small ball practice) will help your kids develop their hand-eye coordination and speed training.  This durable bat helps strengthen batting-specific muscles.  The only downside, if you can even call it that, is that it’s for use with practice balls only of which there are only 3 included.

Weighing in at 30ibs and measuring 30”, the Power Stick is slightly over-weighted meaning that, in addition to training your hand eye coordination it also strengthens the many muscles involved in a baseball swing.

Trying to hit a small ball with a skinny bat is definitely good practice.  It’s great to use warming up on deck too since it’s heavier than a normal bat, and equivalent to using a donut ring on your bat.

If your kids find themselves swinging and missing a lot, and need to work on hand-eye coordination this could be the baseball hitting aid for them.



PowerNet 2.8″ Weighted Hitting and Batting Training Ball (6 pack)

PowerNet Weighted Hitting and Batting Training Balls offer progressive weight training for your kids swing.  They were designed to help hitters to drive the barrel through the ball with complete follow-through.  The ball weight assists in muscle memory development and provides instant feedback on every contact swing so your kids will instantly know square hits versus mis-hits.

As the hitter gains strength and their swing begins to easily accelerate through one weight, they can advance to the next weight class.  6 balls are provided (each 2.8″ in size) and there are 5 progressive weights to choose from (12 oz, 14 oz, 16 oz, 18 oz, and 20 oz).  No matter what age your kid is, or what level they are at, this weighted training ball line-up offers everyone a starting point for building strength.

These durable balls carry a limited flight allowing full swings in limited space and without hitting nets meaning they can be used anywhere and taken to any practice session.  They are also ideal for pre-game warm-ups when you might not have a large area to work in.

These are great for batting work and really train good hand/eye coordination. The balls are great for soft toss, hitting off the tee, or short front toss. They don’t go very far so they’re also great in limited space areas.  So if your space is limited, and your kids need to work on their batting then this is definitely the product for you.



SKLZ QuickSwing PX4 Baseball Trainer

The SKLZ QuickSwing PX4 Baseball Trainer is an effective batting aid for developing a short, quick swing offering 3 ways to train: tee simulation, soft toss and turnaround double play.  It auto-feeds 12 baseballs, eight softballs, or 14 SKLZ small training balls every six, eight, and ten seconds. If you add the included adjustable angle rebounder, the QuickSwing becomes a soft toss machine.  This versatile solo trainer is great for kids to practice on their own, or a great coaches tool.

The SKLZ Quickswing PX4 is designed to improve bat speed.  It drops the ball straight down, leaving you very little time to react and drive the ball, making it imperative to have a quick bat otherwise the ball will simply fall to the ground.

This multi-purpose trainer is great for batting and fielding.  Ideal for any skill level it develops fast hands, sharpens reaction times and builds solid mechanics.  It can be used 4 different ways; Auto-Feed Gravity Drop – to work on essential game skills, Rebounder for Tee Simulation – working on the mechanics of ball contact, Rebounder for Angled Soft Toss – for perfecting swing mechanics, and Rebounder for Angled Turnaround Play – allowing your kids to work on their reaction and catch-to-throw transition times.

This trainer is height adjustable for various levels of difficulty and comes with a rebounder net for tee or soft toss simulation.  It is the most expensive trainer in this review but it does offer the versatility of batting and fielding training.

If your kids need to work on their swing mechanics, and money isn’t an issue, this is a good option to consider.



So what’s our MVP? – The “Beast” Recommendations

Here are the best baseball hitting aids for kids on the market…


Thanks for visiting our Best Baseball Hitting Aids for kids reviews page.  We hope you have found all the information you’re looking for and are now informed enough to make your new purchase and help your kid become a ‘Beast’ in the ballpark.