Baseball Hitting Tips – 100 Swings a Day

There was an old baseball coach, who always insisted his students to swing the baseball bat 100 times daily after going home if they want to hit against the best competition out there! However, he never told his students why they should do it. The reason was, when they do something so repetitively, they start getting comfortable with it and with consistent practice, hitting becomes their nature. While playing in a match, when there is a fastball approaching, the players would not have to spend time in thinking about the hit as it would be in their muscle memory; resulting in faster reflexes.

Try with hitting off the tee, as it is considered to be an excellent drill for baseball hitting. When you take 100 cuts daily off the tee, you will progress and the batting average will start increasing slowly as you practice. You can also try soft toss, as it is a great baseball drill as well. Your swing will improve to a great extent if you do 100 cuts daily of soft toss. The old coach pushed his students to practice the swings: even if there was no tee or no one to do a soft toss along with, he asked his students to simply swing the bat in the air for at least 100 times daily. This well helps you to get your swing right and when you are at a game, your swings will have more power and you will be more confident while playing. When you have practiced swinging your bat so many times, you would not have to worry about your swing any longer! All that you would have to do is focus on the pitch and the swing will come from your muscle reflex. If you have practiced so many times daily, you will have one of the best swings around and your baseball hit would be wonderful.

Also, one more aspect you will have to remember is that your play will be similar to your practice. Before you swing 100 times a day, your batting stance and mechanics have to be right; as you can level up only when there is consistency with your swings. You will have to work on finding the perfect swing for you and continue practicing it daily. With the appropriate baseball hitting aids, you will discover your perfect swing.